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We Are a Family Owned and Operated Company

and we help people in our community with unique real estate situations.

We Are Lisa and Jackson…

We love helping people by buying, updating houses, and providing a home for those that can get a home the going through a traditonal bank.

There is nothing in the world like fixing a house to become a family’s dream home.

So, if you need to sell you house fast, for any reason, we can help.

We love what we do for people, and we love doing it together.

Jackson and Lisa Smith

Housebuyers, People Helpers, and Problem Solvers

We are everyday people

We found our passion with real estate and love serving the community in various ways. We love what we do, and the best part is when we can help someone with a problem property. Foreclosure, Probate, Estates, Tax Liens are just some of the issues we tackle. Reach out to us and we can help you just as we have helped many others.

We are the Founders of Triton Homebuyers and Smith Realty Group.

Why Not Get an offer from us?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by filling out the form. We will give you a nice solid offer for your house or property, No Bull, just a Nice offer to buy your house, And if you don’t accept our offer… it is OK, tell us what you need and we will do our utmost to make it work in another way!

Triton Homebuyers Solves Problems

Being the owners of two successful businesses is a blessing. Our retail real estate business focuses on a ready to market houses that need very little work. However there are many times where the house is not marketable due to financial, repair, or personal issues.

We have been able to gain partners over the years to help us buy houses that can’t be sold easily through traditional means. We like to take the houses we buy and provide a great home for someone. Our partners will take our overflow of houses and do the same.

We think our relationships that we have earned over the years give us a great advantage over others business like ours. We are a strong, established, financially secure small business that wants to help solve your problem.

We have the ability to buy your house in weeks rather than months thanks to our relationships and partners.

Meet Our Staff

Jackson Smith Jr

Owner / Co-Founder

Jackson worked as site superintendent for 50+ commercial construction projects throughout the southeast, earned a Associates degree in Business, and is a Master Certified Technician for the Raymond Corporation (High – efficiency electric material handling equipment).

Controls the day to day operations of Triton Homebuyers. Main tasks include, acquisition of properties, construction and rehab, planning and implementation of current projects. Marketing for our retail and our homebuying businesses. Pretty much the physical aspect of all projects falls into his corner.

Lisa J Smith

Owner / Co- Founder

Before our real estate ventures started more than 9 years ago. Lisa worked in retail sales and manufacturing, Earned a degree in Psychology, and in Medical Assisting.

Controls the day to day operations of Smith Realty Group and The Broker in Charge. She responsible for estimating and budgeting of construction projects, acquisitions for retail and cash purchases, communication with current and former clients, and pitches in when Jackson needs a hand. All around multi-tasker that can do anything.

Raevyn Briley Smith

Best Friend

Raevyn has been here through thick and thin. No matter the time of day, she is always there for us. Since 2010 she has been holding us accountable every morning and night. She is our protection, our companion, our best friend that only wants food and love. She is our girl.

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